Sober Community Consultations

The purpose of Sober Words consultation services is to assist in creating lively, engaged Sober Communities. Our consultations are made up of a 4-part community assessment and program development approach:

Analyze Existing Programs

We start by analyzing current needs. This includes an assessment of demographics, abuse rate, and existing programs.

Create Future State Map

During this phase, we assist in mapping the future state of your community by understanding specific goals, target market, and available resources.

Engage With The Community

We plan and hold a “Sober” event to help spread the word, engage with participants and sponsors, and prepare your audience for your new Sober Community.

Grow Your Community

During this final phase, we help to ensure that all processes are in place for a thriving community. From internal staff to external support services, everyone is aligned with the community’s mission and goals.



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