Sober HBCUs

This business has been a pilgrimage of sorts for me as a person, a clinician and a family man. The hope is that we can leave this planet better place for the next generation. It all started at Gratitude House in West Palm Beach with an idea to fight stigma facing my clients there. Sober Words was founded a few years after the facility was shut down. Since launching, we have had several campaigns reflecting the journey. The Love Campaign was for sending love to all those and their families impacted by this crisis. They need to know that’s we stand with them the same we wear pink for #breastcancerawareness, we wear Sober Words to stand in solidarity with them. The Angel Campaign was for all those who have lost someone they cared deeply for to drug related death. As a clinician, we hard for all of clients however, we were not able to save everyone on their journey. We want to send our love to them and fight stigma out loud. The City campaign was to pay homage to the city that taught me so much about drugs and addiction. The city of Opa-Locka. In the late 80s and 90s we saw it all their. So now that I have the opportunity to fight stigma associated with substance use and mental health, my city has to be represented. All the cities in South Florida can fight to end stigma and represent at the same time. This new collection is about the places that shaped me educationally. I started my educational journey at Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, the HBCU’s HBCU. Although I did not complete there, the impact of being on those grounds were permanent. I eventually transferred to Oakwood University, another HBCU. There I met my Creator and Maker. True conversion. But that’s another conversation. HBCUs have been a staple for educational excellence in our nations history. Now we have another opportunity to continue the legacy by representing our alma mater and fighting stigma. I hope you enjoy the Sober HBCU collection.