• The Jean Girls are the daughter of our Sober Words Founder & CEO Mat Jeanius. As you can see they love representing their father's brand. And get this, they know what it means to have a Sober Mind.
  • Sober Words is based out of the City of Coral Springs, Florida. We had to represent for our city!
  • There is nothing like hanging out with Humpty.
  • We are changing the norm on what it means and look like to be Sober. A "Sober Mind" is a mind clear mind. Its a mind free from judgement.
  • Mat Jeanius, Founder and CEO of Sober Words. Out in Miami promoting Sober Word at a local health fair.
  • Our CEO grew up in the City of Opa-Locka in the late 80s and early 90s. There he witness the impact of drugs in the local community. These were the seeds planted to later birth the fight against stigma associated with substance use and mental illness.

Why Sober Words?

Everywhere you wear Sober Words apparel, people will know that you are in support of those who struggle with Substance Use and Mental Illness. The more we band together, the greater our success against STIGMA will be. Let's SEND LOVE & SHED LIGHT!

Work With Us

We can assist in building a new, or re-invigorate an existing Sober Community. CLICK HERE to learn how we can turn your college, university, or city into a thriving sober community.

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